Peinture Acrylique 400ml

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Bombe acrylique 400 ml

TTH118 TITANS HOBBY Wooden Deck Matt Primer

State-of-the-art spray primer formulated using the best materials and pigments available, which guarantees a completely smooth and resistant surface on metal, plastic, or resin. Particularly useful for painting surfaces that imitate wood ranging from boat decks to buildings.

This primer allows you to work on the primed surface with any type of product including acrylic, lacquers or enamels applied by airbrush or a brush. Thanks to its perfect finish and the variety of colours available, it can also be used as a base colour.


The can has an ergonomic nozzle that provides total control when spraying, allowing a thin layer to be applied without covering up any details.


This product is acrylic based, opaque (except metallics) and dries to the touch in 15 minutes and completely in 45 minutes. Shake for 30 seconds before use. Spray at a distance approximately 15/20 cm from the surface and apply in thin coats. Wearing a protective mask and use in ventilated areas is recommended. 

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