The Weathering Aircraft HIGHLIGHTS AND SHADOWS (English)


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A.MIG-5222 The Weathering Aircraft #22 – Highlights and Shadows

Having flown through 22 issues of The Weathering Aircraft, we still have a long way to go together! On this occasion, your favourite magazine devoted to aircraft painting and weathering techniques focuses on the importance of bringing life to your model using highlights and shadows.


Basically, this is accomplished by creating volume with paint by playing with the lighting, leaving some areas in the shadow and others exposed to light. In The Weathering Aircraft, we have gathered together the most common methods to achieve these effects, explaining how you can apply them in the easiest and simplest way possible.


From the famous pre-shading to the more complex techniques, such as the highlighting and shading of individual panels using the airbrush. Highly valuable pages have been dedicated to working with these most useful and veteran tools: brushes. Explore the many uses of products such as Oilbrusher colours and the Shader line, just two specially formulated products used to create shadows without completely covering the base colour. If you have been wondering how they work, this is your chance to see them in action.


As you have come to expect from TWA, we have gathered teaching tools and inspiration from some of the world’s best aircraft modellers focused on showing excellent models with simple step-by-step articles so that you can reproduce the effects shown through clear text and high-quality photographs. All in all, this issue is a game changer, providing you with the opportunity to create and use highlights and shadows to radically enhance the finish on your favourite aircraft subjects.





The Weathering Aircraft #22 – Highlights and Shadows


Allen Vallejo, Mario Serelle, Oto Drobík, Ricardo Rivas, Alex Hernández, George Roidis


AMMO by Mig Jimenez


Painting and weathering techniques for aircraft


The Weathering Aircraft



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Softcover, 64 pages with high-quality full-colour photos





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