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A.MIG-7902 SOLUTION BOX MINI –WWII German D.A.K. Vehicles
This Solution Box not only delivers the accurate colour paints, weathering products and brushes required, we have also included the valuable resource A.MIG-6602 How to Paint WWII German D.A.K. Vehicles SOLUTION BOOK as well, a complete 55-page guide with step-by-step tutorials in four languages including English, Spanish, French, and German. Each page explains how to apply the different colours and effects common to German military vehicles operating in the North African theatre during WWII. SOLUTION BOOK is a simple and basic guide intended to help any modeller easily achieve similar results to those shown in each example. It doesn´t matter if the reader is a novice or a more seasoned and experienced modeller, by following the steps in this guide you will be able to obtain amazing results with the efficient and effective methods shown.

SOLUTION BOOK’s new design will allow you to follow each step in a very easy and intuitive manner without text by using a simple icon-based code indicating what to do at each step. By following the steps shown in this guide, you will be able to achieve excellent results with very little effort. The model used in this Solution Box is the 1/35th scale Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.F2 & G from Border Model.

SOLUTION BOX MINI is a simple and comprehensive system providing you with everything required to paint and weather your models. This includes both the application of the primer layer and the camouflage colours, as well as the different painting and weathering effects. The correct products and colours are included for applying filters, washes, fading and highlights with oils, streaking, chipped paint, dust, dirt, and mud, and even oil and fuel stains. This box includes everything except the model kit. This Solution Box is ideal for every beginning modeller and those experienced modellers that enjoy the accuracy and convenience provided by the Solution Box.

Includes the products:

A.MIG-6602How to Paint WWII German D.A.K. Vehicles SOLUTION BOOK
A.MIG-2026ONE SHOT PRIMER Brown Oxide Primer  
A.MIG-0008ACRYLIC COLOR RAL 7021 Dunkelgrau
A.MIG-0106WASHABLE Sand (RAL 8020)
A.MIG-1503FILTER Ochre for Light Sand
A.MIG-1001Afrika Korps WASH
A.MIG-1201STREAKING Grime for D.A.K.
A.MIG-3003PIGMENT North Africa Dust
A.MIG-1750SPLASHES Dry Earth 
A.MIG-1408Fresh Engine Oil EFFECTS

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