Softouch Velvet Masking Sheets 1mm Grid (5X 280mm x 145mm ADHESIVE))


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VELVET® Masking Sheets with Grid

A.MIG-8245, SOFTOUCH VELVET Masking Sheet 1mmGrid 290x145 

Contains 5 sheets of low adhesion metric graphed masking sheet for airbrushing. This feature will make it easier for you to draw accurate patterns and geometric shapes. The grid will also allow you to place masks with total accuracy by aligning the grid lines with surface features. Each sheet of 290 x 144mm allows you to make and cut any design either by hand or with a plotter. The light transparency VELVET Masking Sheets can be placed over a drawing or surface to gently trace and copy shapes accurately. The low adhesion allows this product to be used over any type of paint including bare metals, metallics, and over decals without risk of damaging the surface. VELVET Masking Sheets can be easily worked with scissors, a sharp blade, a plotter or even carefully on the model’s surface if necessary.

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