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The AMMO SHADERS are a new type of product designed to create a variety of effects on all types of models in a simple and fast way. The transparent and ultra-fine paint allows all skill level of modelers to apply stunningly realistic effects that seemed impossible before. From fading effects to wear and tear, shadows and highlights, altering the colours to different hues, this new range can even be applied to effect base colours like a filter. The SHADERS range give your model a dynamic and interesting finish in just minutes, making these colours perfect for modellers new to the hobby. The all new characteristics allow modelers to create effects that until now could only be achieved using more complex techniques such as glazes, washes, or filters. More experienced modellers enjoy the convenience of applying advanced and complex effects with finesse and ease. The new SHADERS are not just another paint, but a new way of applying professional effects quickly and easily.



SHADERS are presented in liquid form and at first  appear to be very dark, but when applied you will be able to appreciate their real colour. The range offers exceptional intensity  and provides modellers with tones suitable for all subjects and genre from Science Fiction and fantasy to military vehicles or aircraft. SHADERS are applied directly through the airbrush without thinning or mixing, and clean up easily with water. They are non-toxic and odourless which means they can safely be used indoors.

SHADERS are not inks, these colours cannot be removed with water once dry. They allow the ideal window of working time for creating effects and the water clean-up is simple. SHADERS are specifically formulated for the colour values and transparencies required for modelling, these colours will not result in an overly dark or clear finish.



SHADERS feature a special ultra-fine pigment that prevents your airbrush from clogging. They can be used to cover large areas and to add colour gradients and transitions, highlights and shadows, additional colours and filters, panel shading, streaking effects, dirt and much more.

Once dry, you can seal the SHADERS with either acrylic or enamel varnish types. For the best results, we recommended applying them over a matt acrylic surface with air pressure set at 1.5 kg/cm2 (21 psi). The nozzle of the airbrush can be moved closer to the surface to apply very fine lines or farther from the surface for wider coverage. To build up several layers, let the product dry at least 12 hours or apply a matt varnish coat on top to seal the surface before continuing to apply additional layers or other effects.

The SHADERS colour range dries completely in 24 hours, and can be easily removed with water within this window of time. Do not touch the surface after airbrushing or before the paint has cured completely, doing so risks scratching or ruining the finish. Apply a matt clear coat if you want to continue applying effects or if you want to touch and manipulate your model right away.



The versatility of the SHADERS allows them to be used for an endless range of practical and aesthetic purposes. These colours work exceptionally well for classic applications such as post-shading, pre-shading, contrast blending, or fading effects.

Aircraft modelers depend on these colours for enhancing panel lines of aircraft, applying dirt and grime, and the effects of heat on jet nozzles, bare metals, and patinas.

Use the SHADERS to add more tonal variety or saturation to camouflage colours, more tonal variation to the base colour of your models, or use them for airbrushed filters which can be applied with a soft or hard edge very quickly.

Figures are brought to life with amazing 3D effects, shadows and highlight contrasts, and a host of transparent effects. Ideal for spaceships, fantasy figures, fabric and canvas surfaces.

Military vehicle modelers enjoy quickly and easily adding discolouration and fading, as well as stunningly realistic rust effects, bare metal patinas, and dirty panel lines with translucent staining and streaking.

Railway modellers can also use SHADERS for buildings, laser-cut paper structures, and cardboard accessories. These colours work well on these materials for adding a worn and aged appearance to large buildings in a quick and simple way, perfect for modellers less experienced in painting and weathering.

Wargamers enjoy painting effects on various surfaces and even multiple models at the same time, making SHADERS extremely useful for painting armies and scenery.


The speed of the airbrush combined with the simplicity of use provided by these translucent colours take the stress out of the painting process. The forgiving nature of this product means modellers need not fear ruining the project if a mistake is made. The SHADERS are very subtle and transparent colours, so you can add them gradually in several layers until you creating the desired intensity and fines required for realistic effects. You can always remove or correct the effect very easily with water before the application dries. The SHADERS facilitate work on very large models such as 1/16 tanks, 1/32 planes, large scale trains, ships, and spaceships by creating excellent results in a very short time. Their precision makes them indispensable for the smallest scales and tiniest models as well. The new SHADERS are not just another paint, but a new convenient and highly effective way to easily apply professional effects on your models.

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