Scribing Tape – Straight Edge (5mm X 3m)



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A.MIG-8246 Scribing Tape: Straight Edge

Rigid tape specially designed for scribing straight panel lines and engraving rivet lines on any type of model including aircraft, AFVs, ships, buildings, and Mechas. Thanks to the clear material used, you are able to see exactly where the tape is in relation to surface details and use references to place it in the correct position. This tape provides strong adhesion which ensures no movement when using the scriber or riveting tool. In addition, this also makes it possible to reuse the tape several times before it loses its adhesion. Although the edge is rigid, the tape is flexible enough to be adapted to curved surfaces while maintaining a true scribing edge and can be easily cut with scissors. This product will not leave adhesive residue and can be used on plastic, resin, metal, and a range of materials common to scale modelling.

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