Flexand Double Sided Sanding Sponge


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A.MIG-8571 Flexand Double Sided Sanding Sponge

This reference includes four sandpaper sanding sponges measuring 7.5 x 3.5 cm (3 x 1.4 in). One side is 100-grit and the other 180-grit size. The foam body is a little stiffer than usual to be able to work on difficult to reach areas or to sand off a large amount of material. This sanding sponge can be used on all kinds of materials: resin, metal, wood and, of course, plastic. It will also be especially useful to remove any trace of glue or putty left after filling gaps and seams, especially those found in smooth areas. It can be used both dry and moistened with water. We recommend cutting a piece of the size required for the job in order to avoid waste. The backside has the grit size printed over the entire surface so that once a piece has been cut, it is still easily identifiable. Ideal for use in combination with different grit sizes and other sanding implements.

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