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Comment peindre aux Acryliques 2.0. Guide de Modélisme








How to Make Vignettes. Basic Guide


Artur Miniszewski


AMMO by Mig Jiménez


Vignettes and dioramas




English       A.MIG-6138

Sapnish      A.MIG-6139

Francaise   A.MIG-6140

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Soft covered book, 96 pages plus covers with high quality full-colour photos.


978-84-17846-57-2 (English versión)

978-84-17846-58-9 (Spanish versión)

978-84-17846-59-6 (French versión)



The discipline of creating scenes in scale modelling is characterized by versatility and almost infinite options, it is the world of dioramas and vignettes. There are endless possibilities to show different ideas and approaches, only limited by the skills of the modeller.

Within this wide range of options there is the topic of the small scenes, where creativity goes hand in hand with technical knowledge. How to create scenes in a small space is an increasingly popular format because it allows modellers to bring life and a backstory to their every subject.

In this book, one of the great diorama builders in the world in Artur Miniszewski guides you through 5 small scenes with different settings and subjects. The detailed processes used are thoroughly explained step-by-step and demonstrated with over 450 high-quality photographs. The techniques and effects shown have various levels of difficulty, allowing you to choose the level of complexity that best suits your needs and preferences. All of the incredible finishes in this book can be easily followed and recreated at each step of the entire process.
With this book, a modeller can be just starting out or a more advanced and experienced hobbyist. By following the steps shown in this guide, you will be able to achieve excellent results with very little effort.

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