Brushes for Weathering Diorama


Pinceaux Ammo by Mig

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A comprehensive range of brushes for weathering all aspects of buildings and terrain. The ideal selection of brush shapes and sizes for accurately applying the base colours of your scenes, as well as pigments, washes, and the drybrush technique in dioramas and vignettes of any subject and scale.
For care and maintenance, we recommend first cleaning with the appropriate thinner for the type of paint used. Once completed, use the special soap Long Live the Brushes A.MIG-8579 to preserve your brushes.
This set includes the following AMMO brush references:
A.MIG-8702               6 AMMO Drybrush Technical Brush
A.MIG-8703               8 AMMO Drybrush Technical Brush
A.MIG-8705               8 AMMO Precision Pigment Brush
A.MIG-8622               10 Synthetic Flat BRUSH
A.MIG-8617               10 Synthetic Round Brush


Ammo of Mig


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