AMMO FACE MASK “Swich Mask” (Hygienic protective mask 100% polyester)


Masque Lavable réutilisable Ammo of Mig

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UGS : Ammo of Mig 8071 Catégories : , , , , Étiquette :

This mythical German-designed rifle undoubtedly marked a radical advancement in armament and was adopted by 40 nations and numerous militaries, police, intelligence, and security organizations.

The unmistakable "safety switch" for selecting rate of fire is represented on this new hygienic mask, switch to full style and protection with this limited edition from the AMMO collection of face masks.

This product meets all quality characteristics and safety certifications in accordance with the European UNE 0065:2020 standard for reusable hygienic masks for adults.

Laboratory certification for filtering AEROSOLS >95%

Laboratory certification for filtration of PARTICLES >94%

Outer Fabric: 86 g waterproof and anti-bacterial - 100% Polyester Inner Fabric: 135 g Comfort Line Plus 100% Polyester Reusable. Machine washable at 60 ºC - 20 washing cycles.

WARNING: This mask is not a medical device in the sense of the Directive 93/42.

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Ammo of Mig


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