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A.MIG-4535 The Weathering Magazine #36 – Airbrush 1.0

As the only magazine entirely dedicated to the painting and weathering techniques used for scale models and figures, The Weathering Magazine always presents you with unique and essential subjects to enjoy and learn from. In this issue we will focus on the use of and basic knowledge of the Airbrush. Because it is a fundamental tool, this will be the first issue dedicated exclusively to the techniques, basic proper use, as well as the most common mistakes and errors familiar to everyone who uses an airbrush.


This is your opportunity to explore the different types of airbrushes and the ways to keep each of them clean and in perfect condition. The compressor, a fundamental tool used to power the airbrush also has a prominent place in the magazine, where you will be shown the different types available and their proper operation and function. These are the important aspects to be considered when deciding which one would be the most suitable for each modeller or for each task. And of course, the most common faults or mistakes that occur will be shown and more importantly, how to identify them and the simplest way to solve them for optimal performance and use of the airbrush.


In short, this is an essential issue rich in every aspect of this dynamic tool. A complete and detailed manual is provided so that you can practice methods and techniques until you become an expert.


As always, every technique is explained with detailed step-by-step articles, clear illustrations, and high-quality photos accompanied by concise descriptions from some of the worlds most talented modellers.





The Weathering Magazine #36 – Airbrush 1.0


Sergiusz Pęczek, José Luis López, Ricardo Rivas, Jorge Porto


AMMO by Mig Jimenez


Painting and weathering techniques


The Weathering Magazine



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Softcover, 68 pages with high-quality full-colour photos





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