Stug III Ausf.G ext & int Colors Set


Set Ammo of Mig

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A.MIG-7187STUG III AUSF.G Exterior &Interior. SET 3.                             

With this set, you have all of the colours that were used to accurately camouflage this powerful tank hunter. This all-inclusive set is a complete study of all the most suitable shades used to paint this workhorse of the German armoured forces. 

This colour set is a must for the workbench of any modeller that demands a professional finish for their STUG III assault gun kits. Includes 12 acrylic colours covering the mid production versions produced from mid-1943 to 1944. This set resolves the difficulty in finding the correct tones, saving you valuable modelling time.  Includes all accurate colours to paint all surfaces of the new generation of kits that include detailed interiors. Formulated for optimal performance with both brush and airbrush, presented in 17 ml bottles. Each bottle includes a steel mixing ball for thorough mixing, shake well before each use. Water soluble, odourless and non-toxic. We recommend thinning with A.MIG-2000 Acrylic Thinner, colours dry completely within 24 hours. Includes the colours:

  • A.MIG-0032Satin Black
  • A.MIG-0033Rubber & Tires
  • A.MIG-0014RAL 8012 ROTBRAUN
  • A.MIG-0010RAL 7028 Dunkelgelb Mid war
  • A.MIG-0002RAL 6003 OLIVGRÜN OPT.2
  • A.MIG-0015RAL 8017 Schokobraun
  • A.MIG-0017Cremeweiss
  • A.MIG-0190Metallic Old Brass
  • A.MIG-0218RLM 66 Schwartzgrau
  • A.MIG-0096Crystal Periscope Green
  • A.MIG-0045Gun Metal
  • A.MIG-0036Old Wood

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Ammo of Mig


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