Sanding Sponge Sheet (220)


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A.MIG-8557 Sanding sponge sheet 220

EAN: 8432074085577

This 220-grit sanding sponge is perfect for surfaces with small defects or to refine the work done with the 180-grit, especially when smoothing out gaps sealed with glue and/or putty. It can also be very useful as a first step in removing small blemishes or imperfections from clear parts. The flexibility of the material easily conforms to any shape including rounded surfaces or hard-to-reach recesses. Can be used on a full range of materials including resin, metal, wood and, of course plastic. It’s also highly useful for removing traces of glue or putty when filling gaps. It can be used both dry and moistened with water. We recommend cutting a piece of the size required for the job in order to avoid waste. The backside has the grit size printed over the entire surface so that once a piece has been cut, it is still easily identifiable. Ideal for use in combination with different grit sizes.

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