Metallics Super Pack


Set Ammo of Mig

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A.MIG-7809 Metallics Super Pack

This set contains a selection of the basic colours and the essential products required to paint any metallic surface. 


Products included:

Productos incluídos:

A.MIG-8209 Burnt Iron ALC121

A.MIG-8213 Steel ALC112

A.MIG-8205 Chrome for Plastic ALC107

A.MIG-8214 Magnesium ALC111

A.MIG-0045 Gun Metal

A.MIG-0196 Warhead Metallic Blue

A.MIG-0191 Steel

A.MIG-0197 Brass

A.MIG-3020 Metal Slag

A.MIG-3009 Gun Metal

A.MIG-3535 Gun Metal

A.MIG-3538 Silver


With this set, you can simulate different types of metals and finishes ranging from airplanes with entirely metallic fuselages to small details including tools and weapons. This set is ideal for painting figures with metal details and armour and civil vehicles with chrome and polished details. This collection of versatile products is the solution for all those who want to advance their modelling, and those who are looking for the best options to simulate extremely realistic metals of every type all in one box. 

Each reference in the Super Pack series includes the essential products needed to accurately represent the most common weathering effects used in modelling. Among these products are Oilbrushers, pigments, and enamel washes, filters and Streaking Effects required to produce authentic finishes in your models. All the colours are provided in this all-in-one option, you do not need to worry about sourcing the different products necessary for each effect individually. A great idea and solution for every enthusiast recently initiated in modelling, and wise veteran seeking the correct and accurate colours required conveniently selected and provided in a single box.

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Ammo of Mig


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